A Kitchen Makeover, a Blank Canvas and no Regrets - Mikes story - March 24

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Nikki Vallance on her podcast The Creative Switch.

Have a listen and let me know what you think.


A Kitchen Makeover, a Blank Canvas, and no Regrets: Mike Hall’s Transition from Marketing to Bespoke Artistry

Listen to the podcast here

Dive into the creative world of Mike Hall, founder of MJH ArtStudio Limited, who has mastered the art of merging aesthetics with function. From his journey transitioning from a technical illustrator to a marketing director, and finally to an artist, Mike shares invaluable insights into building a brand and staying true to your craft. Tune in to learn about his creative journey, his philosophy of ‘no regrets’, and how his business all started with a kitchen refurbishment.

Mike Bio

Mike is the founder of MJH ArtStudio Limited, a company dedicated to producing affordable, unique abstract art tailored to clients' brand or home colours. With a technical illustration background from the '80s and over 35 years of experience in marketing, illustration, and design, he knows how to merge aesthetics with function.

Mike has worked extensively with large blue-chip companies, SMEs, and start-ups, applying his expertise to a variety of business landscapes. He spent 30 years working for an agency, working his way up from technical illustrator to being Managing Director. After that he spent another seven years setting-up and jointly running a new marketing agency before returning to his true passion—creating art.

He has a unique seven-step process that ensures client involvement at every stage, making each piece a collaborative effort. While he's been an artist for over three years, his new business became officially registered in June 2023. His mission is to partner with business owners to breathe life into their brand spaces and collaborate with interior designers to add that extra flair.

Besides his artistic pursuits, Mike is also a Level 2 Badminton of England qualified Coach with over 45 years of playing experience. A believer in seizing opportunities, he lives by the motto 'no regrets,' and thinks good art shouldn’t break the bank.

Listen to the podcast here

● [01:56] – The Edge – up to date creative news and views

● [06:31] – Mike introduces his business

● [07.04] – Creativity and what it means to Mike

● [08:05] – A kitchen makeover, a blank canvass led to a creative switch

● [10:48] – Mike’s explains how he transitioned from technical illustrator to marketing to his branded art business

● [12:52] – Lessons learnt from launching a marketing business and how they apply now

● [14:31] – Why staying visible is essential to building a brand.

● [18:23] – Know your audience, what you offer them and why they would want it.

● [23:58] – Networking is just talking to people, being curious and listening.

● [29:23] – How Mike decided how to make art for a target market

● [32:52] – Nikki and Mike discuss the difference between making physical and digital art

● [35:35] – Future plans for MJH Art Studio Ltd

● [36:37] – One piece of advice for getting a new creative practice going

● [39:27] – Creative Adventures and advice from Holly Matthews on exploring your creative identity


Four Creative Nuggets

“It's everything a bit at a time.” It’s important to put the essentials in place first. A dedicated space doesn’t need to cost the earth.

“It takes ages to build a brand and reputation."

“It's about staying true to what I can do rather than trying to be something else and enjoying it.”

“Go trust your gut. Give it a go. What's the worst thing that can possibly happen?”



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