Unique abstract artwork for your home

MJH ArtStudio Mike Hall Abstract Art Acrylic

Here are the challenges we hear

  • I can’t find a style I like
  • I can’t find the right colours
  • I can’t find the right size
  • I’m running out of options!

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. Buying a piece of unique abstract art is a journey. And it needs to be right. Each time you look at your chosen piece of abstract art you want that emotional connection. And it's even better if you've been involved in the creation of it. Art is very personal and we want to make sure you get the right piece of abstract artwork for you. 

By choosing MJH ArtStudio, you will benefit from:

  • A personal consultation with me to discuss your needs and preferences
  • A free quote and a reasonable price for your artworks
  • A fast and reliable delivery service
  • A satisfaction guarantee

Our seven-stage process

Stage 1 - Discovery session

The first stage is all about understanding your exact requirements. We’ll share ideas with you to make sure your piece of bespoke abstract art is exactly what you want. We want you to be involved every step of the way.

Stage 2- Agree project

We’ll agree on what the investment will be, what we’re going to produce and timescales.  We’ll then just need a 50% deposit and we can get started on your piece of bespoke abstract art!  We’d aim to get a test piece out a week after we’ve received your deposit.

Stage 3 - Create a test piece

Time for us to get creative on your piece of bespoke abstract art! We’ll a test piece so you can see the colour and style. If there’s more than one style of abstract art we’ll create a test for each. The test pieces are A3, we send you half and we keep the other half so we can match to it for your finished piece.

Stage 4 - Approval

Once you’ve received the test piece, you just let us know if you’re happy with it. If by any chance it’s not quite right then don’t worry we’ll work with you and send another test piece.

Stage 5 - Keeping you updated

We make a start! This stage can take two to three weeks but whilst we’re splashing the paint around, we’ll keep you updated with videos and pictures as we create your final bespoke piece of abstract art.

Stage 6 - Delivery to you

Depending on what we’ve agreed we’ll either deliver your abstract artwork or we’ll send by tracked courier.

Stage 7 - It's all yours

All done, you’re ready to hang your artwork!Along with your certificate of authenticity, we’ll also include a QR link to our Google reviews. We’d love to get your feedback on your experience with us. We’re always looking for ways we can improve.

Is your home ready for a unique piece of abstract art?

Don’t settle for boring walls or generic prints. Make your home stand out with bespoke abstract art from MJH ArtStudio.

Just contact us or book a call and discover the difference that abstract art can make.


Here's what we did for Louise:

The inspiration (plus lots of pink!)

A test piece for approval


The final artwork (100cm x 100cm x 4cm )

"I was delighted to find someone who could create a piece of art for our spare room.

We were quite specific in terms of the style and colours we wanted to use but found working with Mike to produce the perfect piece a true example of collaboration.

We felt included throughout and I am delighted with the piece. Perfect colour and size and most importantly unique.."

Louise Lapish 

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