Art of the matter - February 24

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Hope you're all keeping well, I can’t believe we’re nearly at the end of Feb! Spring will soon be on us and those lighter nights when the clocks go forwards – I should remember that as it always falls around my wedding anniversary! 

Countdown to ‘Freedom’

As I mentioned last month, my ‘Freedom’ exhibition is happening in April and is really starting to take shape! You can find out when I’ll be there and where the exhibition is here – so take a look and put a date in the diary to drop by and say hi! It would be great to see you to chat, share insights, and perhaps share a laugh or two about the unpredictable world of abstract art!

Going back to my roots

I’ve just completed the first in a series of large pieces for Springfield Training – a 6ft x 2ft piece that shows UK Engineering through the years. Creating this piece has taken me right back to my technical illustration days in the 1980’s when we didn’t need chargers or passwords! Have a look and see how it came together.

Catch-up on the latest info

We’ve had a tinker with our website and added a few new pages, plus we’ve now got our Latest news section – so take a look at what has been going on.

As I mentioned in my last musings, if you’re stuck with what to put on your walls, then please reach out. I’m always open to a chat and I’d love to discuss how we can bring your vision and rooms to life.

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