Abstract art for your home - frequently asked questions

Having your own piece of abstract art created should be a fun process. But to some it might feel a bit overwhelming. So here are a few of the questions I frequently get asked when it comes to creating a unique piece of artwork.

Mike Hall Abstract Art MJH ArtStudio

How do I choose an abstract artist for my commission? 
Do your research and ask for recommendations. You need to choose the artist that will be able to create a piece in the style you like (hopefully me!) - and be able to work with them. Every artist is different. 

What should I consider when selecting the size of my abstract art piece?
You need to think about where the piece will sit in your space. Too big and it will look overwhelming - too small it will look lost. Sometimes it's difficult for people to visualise how it may look so I can create a mock-up. It's easy enough to do and will really help you to see what size is best for your space.

What is the typical timeline for a commission project?
This will vary on how big and complex the piece is. As part of your commission I always create a test piece to make sure you're happy, which does mean the process takes a little longer. In general you'd be looking at 3-4 weeks for a piece.

How much should I expect to spend on a commissioned abstract art piece?
Again, this will vary on how big and complex the piece is and whether you need a bespoke canvas making and/ or your picture framing. Prices start from £100.00 + delivery.

Is it possible to see samples of the artist's work before commissioning?
Yes, no problem. You can see on the website what I have done, but I always have original pieces to view.

Can I make changes to the artwork once it's in progress?
Within reason! You'll get a test piece, plus I'll be sharing photos and/ or videos at each stage. If there's a major colour change then there maybe an extra charge.

Does I get a certificate of authenticity for the commissioned piece?
Yes, you will receive a signed certificate of authenticity.

Can I request the use of specific colours in my abstract art piece to match my home's colour scheme?
Yes you can. I'll match it as close as possible to what you specify. Paints do dry differently and also where you hang the painting will also alter the appearance of the colour. And of course you'll get a test piece first to check.
Can I see a colour sample before the final piece is completed?
Of course. I'll create a test piece for you to approve before I start.

Can you create a series of abstract pieces to hang together as a collection?
Yes. I've created several pieces that have used the same colour palette. I've also created three pieces (called a triptych) that are designed to hang together. You can see these on my inspiration page.

Are you available for consultations to help choose the best placement for the piece?
Sure. Happy to help and advise where I can. 

Can you create an abstract piece to fit a specific wall or space in my home?
Yes. I try to use standard canvas sizes where I can, but I can get canvas made to specific sizes if that works for you. I've just had a custom canvas made to match the size of two other framed pieces. 

What is the process for shipping a large abstract art piece?
I use reputable couriers to deliver my pieces which can all be track and traced. Or, I can personally deliver the pieces if preferred. Deliveries whether courier or by myself are additional costs.

Are there any additional costs associated with commissioning an abstract art piece, such as framing or mounting?
As above delivery is extra. When it comes to frames and mounts then these are also charged as extra. I don't frame, but I work with a number of professional framing companies. 

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