Hold your baubles, it's nearly Christmas!

Blimey, time's zipped by faster than a reindeer on a double espresso – can you believe it's nearly Christmas? Feels like just yesterday we were taking down the tinsel!

This is just my chance to say a big thank you for all the support. It's been heartier than a Yorkshire pudding on Sunday.  

Whether you've double-tapped a post, dropped a comment, shared a brew, nabbed some art or chewed the fat with me at events, I really appreciate it.

How has your year been? For me it has been a busy few months - so here's a quick video to show you what's been happening! Just click my face below to watch! 

And 2024 is set to be a cracker! I'm tipping my easel into new territory with an exhibition in April. More deets will follow, but let's just say I'm venturing out of my comfort zone so far, I might need a map to get back!

Whatever you're up to over the festive period have a fantastic time. 


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