Out with a spin! - April 24

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As April draws to a close (and hopefully this naff weather), so does our  "Freedom" exhibition. It’s been a great month and I’m thrilled to share some of the highlights with you.

A Showcase of creativity and colour

"Freedom" was designed to ignite emotions and conversations, and it did just that. Each piece told its own story, and it was fascinating to see which paintings resonated most with our visitors. The beauty of art is its ability to connect with us in unique ways, and this exhibition was a testament to that.

And as I've always said, when it comes to art, there's no right and wrong. It's what's right for you. You have the freedom to choose.

Take a spin!

What else is new?

I'm going to be working with Heritage Mills, producing three pieces for their site in Elland. These pieces will all be done to match their colour scheme, with the main piece going into their reception. 

I'm also in the final stages of a second large piece for Springfield Training - so watch out for the behind the scenes video on that one!

​Website update

Whilst up at the exhibition I got asked about prints and whilst we had a few there, not each piece was available. We're now working on the site so you will be able to different sized prints, plus more notebooks and we're looking at other items too.  Watch this space!

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