Bobble Digital

Crafted for Bobble Digital, these two exclusive acrylic paintings on deep box canvas, each sized 60cm x 60cm x 4cm, encapsulate the brand's distinctive identity. Bobble Digital sought out a one-of-a-kind artistic representation that resonates with their innovative ethos, resulting in artworks that not only enhance their space but also reflect the uniqueness and forward-thinking nature of their brand.

Bobbl Digital MJH ArtStudio Bespoke Abstract Art Acrylic Yorkshire


"I was introduced to Mike from a business contact of mine. We were looking to add some character to our office walls and were looking for some bespoke paintings. Mike was amazing, he came in and presented some ideas and designs. We then agreed on 2 key pieces. He was able to send samples through first for me to sign off which looked incredible. He hand delivered them and I can say with much pride they are on the office walls and clients always ask about them. Would highly recommend him." 


Manpreet Singh
Managing Director




MJH ArtStudio Bespoke Abstract Art Interior Design Fit-Out

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MJH ArtStudio Bespoke Abstract Art Interior Design Fit-Out