Creating a healthcare journey through time

"Now you've created a piece that shows engineering, can you create a piece that shows healthcare through the years?"

That was the brief from Noel Johnson, CEO of Springfield Training.

Having already successfully completed an abstract art piece focused on engineering, the new challenge was to encapsulate the evolution of healthcare in a similar format.

The first step was diving into the rich and complex history of healthcare. From ancient practices to modern medical breakthroughs, the journey of healthcare is filled with fascinating milestones. Researching online, we uncovered a plethora of information, techniques, and notable companies that have shaped healthcare as we know it today. This extensive research phase provided a wealth of reference material, ensuring that our artwork would be both accurate and evocative.

Creating a corporate abstract art piece involves a meticulous process, one that ensures client satisfaction at every stage. Our process includes thorough research, conceptual design, and multiple review stages where we seek client sign-off. This collaborative approach avoids any unexpected surprises and ensures the final piece aligns perfectly with the client's vision and brand identity.

The project was not just about creating a visually stunning piece of art, but also about telling a story. The evolution of healthcare is a narrative of innovation, dedication, and transformation. By integrating key elements and symbols from various eras, the artwork serves as a tribute to the advancements and contributions in the field of healthcare.

From the early days of herbal remedies and rudimentary surgeries to the advent of antibiotics and cutting-edge medical technologies, each layer of the artwork represents a different chapter in healthcare's history. It was truly inspiring to see how far we've come and the incredible strides made in improving human health and wellbeing.

This project, like all our commissions, follows a structured seven-step process. This includes initial consultations, research, conceptualisation, design drafts, client reviews, final adjustments and the delivery of the completed artwork. Each step is crucial in ensuring that the end product not only meets but exceeds the client’s expectations.

Our commitment to involving the client at each stage of the process guarantees transparency and collaboration. This methodical approach allows us to create custom, brand-aligned abstract art that resonates with the client’s audience and enhances their workspace.

By choosing MJH ArtStudio, businesses like Springfield Training are not just getting a piece of art; they are investing in a unique representation of their brand’s journey and values. Our artwork is designed to inspire, engage, and leave a lasting impression.

If you’re a business owner or an interior designer looking to incorporate bespoke abstract art into your space, consider partnering with us. We transform your brand’s essence into stunning visual art that stands out and speaks volumes.

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"As the CEO of Springfield Training, I have had the pleasure of working with Mike from MJH ArtStudio Limited on several art projects for our office. After six stunning smaller paintings, Mike outdid himself with a larger piece that beautifully captured the history of engineering. Naturally, we were thrilled to commission another series from him, this time focusing on the evolution of healthcare.

When Mike delivered the healthcare piece, my initial reaction was simply 'wow, wow, wow.' Every time I look at this painting, I see something new and compelling. Mike’s ability to intertwine historical images with abstract artistry is amazing. The depth, detail and vibrancy of the piece have exceeded our expectations and brought a unique, inspiring presence to our office.

We’re eagerly looking forward to the next masterpiece in our series, which will focus on the manufacturing sector. Mike’s structured process, from initial consultation to the final reveal, ensures we are always involved and happy at every step. His talent for creating art that resonates with our brand’s journey and values is unmatched.

I highly recommend MJH ArtStudio to any business looking to enhance their workspace with bespoke, impactful art. Mike’s work is not just decoration; it’s a conversation starter, a piece of our company’s story, and an inspiration for our team."

Noel Johnson
CEO, Springfield Training


Springfield Training, based in Morley, Leeds are a proud Yorkshire company with a global outlook delivering a wide range of traineeships, apprenticeship, adult learning, commercial and online training throughout the UK & we're on a mission to change the world through educating one person at a time.



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